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PlenOptika brings cutting-edge optical technology to eye care professionals and healthcare providers worldwide. Their flagship product QuickSee™ is an accurate hand-held Autorefractor.

PlenOptika designs and produces tools to help vision professionals perform their best care anywhere. Inspired to solve the global burden of poor vision, we developed QuickSee™, the world’s most accurate handheld autorefractor. Vision professionals and NGOs have used QuickSee on over 1.5 million patients in more than 24 countries to transform their lives with clear vision.

More information is available on the PlenOptika website.

Case Study – QuickSee in Vision Telehealth – Maintaining care during the COVID-19 pandemic

White Paper – Achieving accurate autorefraction with a hand-held wavefront autofractor

Contact Information

955 Massachusetts Place, #339, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA