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Oui Inc

OUI Inc is a company founded by 3 Japanese Ophthalmologists with the goal to overcome world blindness by combining their knowledge in the field  with new ideas to push the development of healthcare. Their solution is their product, Smart Eye Camera (SEC) - a smartphone attachment to evaluate ophthalmic images and videos for diagnostic purposes.

OUI Inc is a Japanese start-up founded by Japanese ophthalmologists from Keio University School of Medicine. Founded in 2016, we are aiming to overcome blindness worldwide by combining their knowledge in the field with new ideas to push the development of healthcare, with the following three core values.

  • Patient-first Principle: As a company run by active medical doctors, we will provide medical solutions from the clinical viewpoints. We act with a patient-first mindset and pursue the treatment and the health maintenance/advance for patients.
  • Evidence First: To ensure the quality of the practice in evidence-based medicine, we will constantly be involved in academic research.
  • Giving back the Experiences to the Real Medical Scenes: For the global development and creation of the best medical services, we will continue to bring our experience, knowledge and learnings back to the medical scenes.

Blindness continues to remain a major problem worldwide. We consider that one of the major problems is that there is no diagnostic device in the areas where blindness is increasing. Therefore, we invented a solution that has the potential to overcome this problem. The solution is our product, Smart Eye Camera (SEC), a smartphone attachment that can record and evaluate ophthalmological images and videos to help make a diagnosis online.

SEC is a Japan approved medical device, from the official agency of the Government of Japan, Pharmaceutical Medical Device Agency (PMDA), known as some of the toughest regulations worldwide.

At present the products are manufactured in Japan with facilities having ISO 13485 certified for quality assurance. Quality assurance takes precedence during manufacturing. In the future, we plan to undertake to manufacture outside of Japan, always keeping the first priority on the quality standard and compliance with the relevant industrial/environmental regulations.

Research Papers – It has a similar function to the existing portable slit-lamp microscope which has been demonstrated in the animal and human studies (Shimizu E, et al. PLOS ONE. 2019. & Yazu H, et al. DIAGNOSTICS 2020). SEC makes it possible to diagnose diseases from the eyelid, conjuctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, crystal lens and anterior vitreus due to its portable slit-lamp comparable to that of professional grade slit-lamp microscope..all withing a smart phone attachment!!

Contact Information

3F, 1-36-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0022, Tokyo, JAPAN

Contact Details

Mr Shintaro NAKAYAMA

Email: [email protected] Phone: +81-80-3014-8440