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Remidio is engaged in the design and development of disruptive solutions in Screening and Diagnostic Imaging in Ophthalmology. Products include Visual Field Analysers, Portable Slit Lamp and their famous Fundus-On-Phone Fundus Camera.

Remidio is engaged in the design and development of disruptive technologies in eye health.

We combine technological innovation with disruptive business and delivery models to revolutionize healthcare access. We involve key stakeholders early in the product development process – clinicians, patients, technicians and health workers, with a view to designing products that have guaranteed simplicity and high clinical and social relevance.

We use challenges posed by a developing nation context – in areas of infrastructure, skilled human resources, and need for extreme affordability in product costing – as an opportunity to innovate on scalable solutions. Robustness for on-field use, simplicity and an uncompromising stand on quality differentiate the products that we bring to market.

We seek to become the dominant brand in the design, development and commercialization of portable and/or handheld devices in the screening and diagnosis of eye health.

Remidio strongly believes in Design Thinking process. As a part of the process, we take into account different facets of a customer’s experience with a product, as part of its overall product design approach, with the intent of inventing a new customer experience with the product.

Remidio’s current portfolio includes portable, smartphone enabled imaging systems for taking pictures of the cornea, anterior chamber, the vitreous and the retina, based on a patented optical illumination design.

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No, 1-51-2/12,( II Floor) Vacuum Techniques Compound, Opp Volvo Factory, Peenya Industrial Area, Phase-I Bengaluru-560058, Karnataka, India

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Avinash Atal Mandal

Email: [email protected] Phone: +91 7847814070