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Suture 7-0 Vicryl (PGA)

Suture 7-0 Vicryl (PGA) by Aurolab

  • Price €4.5
  • Supplier/s Aurolab
  • Supplier Code A7102 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin INDIA
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Product Description

7-0 Vicryl (PGA), spatulated needle, 6.4mm needle, double-ended

Product Features

  • Perfectly biocompatible product
  • Polycaprolactone calcium sterate coating suture ensures smooth and drag free passage in tissue
  • Perfect tensile strength during the crusial wound healing period. Approximately retains 65% of tensile strenth in 14 days and 35% at 21 days
  • Bur free needle surface for lesser tissue trauma
  • Homogenous suture surface for less tissue distortion