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Aurovue Vivid

Aurovue Vivid by Aurolab

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Aurolab
  • Supplier Code VIVID( IAPB )
  • Country of Origin India
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Product Description

Aurovue Vivid, our brand new Continuous Focus Vision Intraocular lens (CFV IOL) is leagues ahead of similar lenses, and a fitting addition to the Aurolab commitment to providing superior solution and advanced ophthalmic products to those who need it the most.

Product Features

  • Aurovue VIVID employs Aurolab’s patented hybrid design lens technology that innovatively combines refractive and diffractive optical surfaces to provide a continuous range of vision that closely mimics the accommodative function of the natural lens
  • Aurovue Vivid employs Smooth Edge Technology to create smoother transition in resolution between near, intermediate and far distances- covering from functional near vision (40 cm) to distance (4M & beyond) without perceptible visual disturbances
  • Aspheric optic provides excellent contrast sensitive in both mesopic and photic condition
  • Glistening free material, with a high ABBE number of 55 to provide excellent clarity and colour perception
  • Truedge Technology minimize the chances of PCO
  • Preloaded delivery system - Avoids optical surface defects, avoid touching the optic and to have error free delivery of IOL into the bag