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Portable Baby CPAP

Portable Baby CPAP by Diamedica (UK) Ltd

  • Price £800
  • Supplier/s Diamedica (UK) Ltd
  • Supplier Code PortableCPAP (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
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Product Description

The Portable Baby CPAP is a compact, hands-free, neonatal respiratory device. A safe, high-quality, easy to use, non-invasive respiratory support device for preterm babies, neonates and paediatrics. Diamedica’s Portable Baby CPAP provides safe continuous positive airway pressure, specifically designed for limited resource settings where the cost of conventional CPAP is prohibitive.

Product Features

  • Portable and compact design for simplicity of use. Low maintenance and easy servicing
  • Practical device is compatible with hands-free use and kangaroo mother care
  • Inexpensive to run – no need for costly oxygen and air cylinders
  • Powered by mains power of internal battery. 8 hours battery life and can be charged whilst in use.
  • Designed, engineered & manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last. CE certified.