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Oxygen Concentrator – Airsep 10 LPM

Oxygen Concentrator – Airsep 10 LPM by Diamedica (UK) Ltd

  • Price £1,400.00
  • Supplier/s Diamedica (UK) Ltd
  • Supplier Code Airsep 10 LPM (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
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Product Description

Generates 10 litres per minute of 95% pure oxygen from atmospheric air. Single flow, flow splitters available.

Product Features

  • The concentrator provides oxygen from room air which never runs out.
  • Suitable for areas with high ambient temperatures, humidity and altitude.
  • Voltage protector is fitted to protect the machinie from unstable power surges.
  • Reliable oxygen at minimal price
  • Can be supplied with Diamedia flow splitters that have been uniquely engineered to manage and redirect oxygen to multiple patients from a single oxygen source.