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ECO2 Anaesthesia Machine w/manual ventilation

ECO2 Anaesthesia Machine w/manual ventilation by Diamedica (UK) Ltd

  • Price £6,600.00
  • Supplier/s Diamedica (UK) Ltd
  • Supplier Code ECO2 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
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Product Description

The ECO2 anaesthesia machine offers a basic and cost effective inhalational anaesthesia system supplied with manual ventilation. For use where the patient is breathing spontaneously or only requires assisted ventilation. Very low running costs with minimal consumables. Does not require compressed gases. Full specification click on techsheet

Product Features

  • Provides safe inhalational anaesthesia in any environment with or without electricity or compressed gases.
  • Affordable machine with low running costs, minimal consumables and no requirement for compressed gases, offers significant savings.
  • Designed to be easy to operate, service and maintain using local skills.
  • Versatile: functions in drawover and continuous flow; adults and paediatrics; suitable for use in operating theatre, recovery room and ICU.
  • Robust and reliable, designed and tested for use in hostile and challenging environments.