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Oxygen Reservoir Filling System – 20 litre storage vessel

Oxygen Reservoir Filling System – 20 litre storage vessel by Diamedica (UK) Ltd

  • Price £1,550.00
  • Supplier/s Diamedica (UK) Ltd
  • Supplier Code O2 RESERVOIR 20L (IABP)
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
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Product Description

A low cost solution to supply back up oxygen supply. The Diamedica Oxygen Reservoir Filling system enables a pressure vessel to be filled with oxygen from an oxygen concentraor, providing up to 2 or 8 hours of additional back up oxygen supply to run the Glostavent® anaesthesia machine or for direct oxygen supply to patients. (comes with 20 litre vessel)

Product Features

  • Ensures oxygen supply during power failures and when cylinders are absent or run out.
  • Supplied with a 20 or 100 litre reservoir vessel that filled to 5 bar gives 100 or 500 litres of usable oxygen.
  • Can be supplied with multiple reservoir vessels.
  • Designed as a low-cost solution for remote locations and limited resource settings.
  • Simple to use and requires minimal maintenance using local skills.