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I VISION- Hydrophilic IOL

I VISION- Hydrophilic IOL by Aurolab

  • Price €4
  • Supplier/s Aurolab
  • Supplier Code FH560I (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin INDIA
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Product Description

Hydrophilic Foldable IOL 5D – 10.0D (1.0D INCREMENTS)& 10.0D – 30.0D, (0.5D INCREMENTS) 6.00mm Diameter, 12.00mm Length,A constant 118.0 ,Dual Haptic With Injectable Cartridge and Injector. PLEASE SPECIFY BREAKDOWN OF DIOPTER SIZES WHEN ORDERING

Product Features

  • I-Vision , Hydrophilic Foldable lenses are made of proven , biocompatible acrylic material imported from the USA and can be implamnted through 2.8 incision
  • 360° square edge optic to reduce PCO rate
  • Superior in Optic quality , flexibility and tensile strength
  • Dual haptic design for smooth insertion and proper centering in the Ocular bag
  • It is a CE certifed Product