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Aurolens – Optic Dia 5.00 mm with C loop

Aurolens – Optic Dia 5.00 mm with C loop by Aurolab

  • Price €2
  • Supplier/s Aurolab
  • Supplier Code S3500 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin INDIA
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Product Description

Posterior chamber IOL 06.0D – 40.0D (15.0D – 25.0D in 0.5D INCREMENTS) 5.0mm optic, 12.0mm length, modified C loop. PLEASE SPECIFY BREAKDOWN OF DIOPTER SIZES WHEN ORDERING

Product Features

  • Larger optic diameter and overall length to suit for all capsular bags.
  • Made of High quality PMMA material which has proven clinical performance.
  • UV Absorbing optic with 10 degree angulation ensures well position of IOL in the capsular bag.