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Global Vision 2020

Global Vision 2020 was founded to help end the world's epidemic of poor vision. The USee Vision Kit™ provides prescription Eyeglasses to people in the most remote areas on earth. The system is lightweight, the training is simple, and clear sight can be provided in only minutes. Screen Kits, Spectacles & Lenses, Vision Kits

Increase Your Impact

A pair of glasses can change a life. However, often the barriers to proper delivery of those eyeglasses are too high. With an average of one eye health professional for every 1 million people in much of the global South, there is simply not enough expert help to meet the need.

The team at Global Vision 2020 has addressed this issue and put together a solution to help eye health and other networks increase their reach exponentially: the USee Vision Kit. The Kit combines an accurate, low cost spherical refraction tool with a unique color-coded prescription matching system and snap-in frames and lenses that results in a pair of ISO-Certified glasses in the field, in minutes. This system has been the subject of successful clinical trials (Wilmer Eye Institute and NECO) and is being used in more than 20 countries with multiple partners.

In 2016 the IAPB published guidelines for the potential use of self-refraction as a tool to help address the huge need for refractive error correction. Global Vision 2020 has met those guidelines, and their USee Vision Kit is the result.

With a day of training, a network can be trained to identify who the USee system cannot help, and who the system can help and provide those patients with a pair of ISO certified eyeglasses. The glasses are fitted to the patients best spherical equivalent.

Whether you are a network providing eye health solutions, or an NGO with the capacity to add eyeglasses to your outreach, this system offers a low cost, high impact, and accurate solution that is easily implemented.

Global Vision 2020: We Have The Solution – VIDEO

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