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Geuder AG is a German manufacturer and innovator of high quality Ophthalmic Instruments, Phacoemulsification Equipment, Vitrectomy Equipment and Xenon Light Source - all focused on perfection.


Geuder AG is a manufacturer of high quality instruments, devices and biomaterials for ophthalmic surgery. Since 1951, when the company was founded by Hans Geuder Senior in Heidelberg (Germany), it has always been employing the finest materials, highly qualified master craftsmen, innovative design and technology. Ophthalmic surgeons in over 90 countries rely on more than 3,000 Geuder products when performing surgical operations. The GEUDER Instruments Catalogue provides a great overview on all available instruments and is available on the Geuder AG homepage. Continuous exchange with doctors gives Geuder the opportunity to meet the demands of its customers at all times. On request Geuder also manufactures custom made precision instruments bearing the personal signature of the surgeon. Its qualified and experienced microsurgery engineers offer a perfect maintenance and repair service for instruments and devices, including accessories.

Expertise and commitment to innovation is Geuder’s driving force to consistently improve surgical procedures and overcome limitations. Such as the innovation award winning F4H5® washout solution, which removes residual and sticky oil completely. The MACH2 double-blade vitreous cutter was one of the top innovations in 2014 allowing for up to 12,000 cuts per minute which helps surgeons to perform a fast and safe vitrectomy. Geuder also invented the first DMEK microinjector, the so-called ‘DMEK glass cartridge’ for safe implantation of the DMEK lamella.

Geuder is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality surgical instruments, modular phaco/vitrectomy systems and ultrapure silicone oil and gas tamponades, PFCLs, dyes and amphiphilic solvents, which are all made in Germany.

Geuder maintains a quality management system according to the guidelines MDD93/42/EEC, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

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