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Appasamy Associates

Appasamy Associates is a total solution provider for ophthalmologists and hospitals alike in the field of vision care. It's range of products includes Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment, such as Operating Theatre Equipment, Intraocular Lenses and Micro Surgical Instruments. They also carry a full range of Pharmaceuticals.

Appasamy Associates is a household name among Indian vision care professionals. Started in the year 1978 as a small business to manufacture cryo surgical instruments, it had expanded itself into a total solution provider for the Ophthalmologists and Hospitals alike in the field of vision care. It ranges from Diagnostic Equipment (Slit Lamps, Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Refraction Lines, Automated Visual Field Analyzers, Autorefs, different types of Tonometers etc), to Surgical Instrumentation (Phaco Emulsifiers, Vitrectomy etc), to Operation Theater Equipment (like Surgical Microscopes, Operation Tables etc), Lasers (for Secondary Cataract, Retina and Glaucoma), to Intraocular Lenses (PMMA, Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic) to Micro Surgical Instruments (both Reusable and Disposable) to Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals and Viscoelastics (both HPMC and Sodium Hyaluronate). Also Appasamy Associates runs a hospital in Chennai,India to train needy Ophthalmologists.

The products are manufactured at facilities having ISO 900 and 13485 certified for quality assurance. Quality assurance takes precedence during manufacturing. Appasamy Associates implemented European standards and most of their products either carry CE markings or in the process of having it. Certifying bodies include, but not restricted to TUV (Germany), DNV (Norway) and UL (USA). Appasamy Associates spends almost every second penny earned, back into development of new facilities and new products required for Indian Ophthalmologists. Research and Development along with product design are given top priority.

Manufacturing facilities are situated in Chennai (Tamilnadu), Pondicherry, Kolkata (West Bengal) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). Sales and Service Centers are evenly located all over India. After Sales Service of Appasamy Associates are so popular that it became an USP to sell their products, apart from becoming a bench mark. Eliminating middleman, they directly supply and maintain their products and instrumentation in India. It is so cost effective and successful that it empowered Indian Ophthalmologist, as an individual professional, to have any instrumentation for any application in vision care. Today, Indian Ophthalmologists are the best equipped, among their fraternity all over the World. It is well known and could be verified.

Community Ophthalmology in India had grown into exponential proportions mainly because of low cost and modern instrumentation, suited to Indian conditions and prices. Indian regulatory conditions and encouragement of Government to Community Ophthalmology triggered Indian Cataract Surgery Ratio to reach the levels of developed nations within a short period of 15 years. Indian manufacturers, notably Appasamy Associates, played a very important role making the cataract surgery cost effective, in such a way that even hospitals coming forward to do cataract surgery at US Dollars 15 per eye with an IOL. India is the largest supplier of PMMA IOLs in the world. Indian experience had become a model to many countries to combat preventive blindness in a big way.

Contact Information

20 SBI Officers' Colony, First Street, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600106, INDIA