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ROLS® ∞ Reinverter

ROLS® ∞ Reinverter by Volk Optical

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  • Supplier/s Volk Optical
  • Supplier Code ROLS (IAPB)
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Product Description

Primary Application – Optical prism device that allows the user to switch between indirect and normally inverted image modes.

ROLS Reinverter (Automated) Operator’s Manual

Product Features

  • The ROLS®∞ is a device that is used to re‐invert the inverted retinal image that is formed when one uses indirect‐type ophthalmic lenses during eye surgery. The image inversion is achieved by placing a suitably formed optical prism within the collimated beam pathway of a stereo surgical microscope. More specifically, the ROLS®∞ Assembly is placed between the microscope objective and the surgeon’s eyepieces.
  • This complete level of re‐inversion allows the retinal image to be upright and correctly oriented for surgical procedures. The ROLS®∞ Assembly allows the surgeon to switch between normal and inverted image mode whenever necessary by just moving the detachable handles.