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Volk Optical

Volk Optical is the leading brand manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, diagnostic imaging, and surgical products for the ophthalmic industry. We are steadfastly dedicated to eradicating preventable blindness through accessible imaging of the eye.

Volk Optical is known by ophthalmologists and optometrists across the world as the premier designer and manufacturer of the highest quality ophthalmic lenses for diagnosis, surgery, and laser treatment.  In 1956, Dr. David Volk first discovered that aspheric surfaces corrected aberrations present in more common spherical lenses.  Several developments took place over the next few decades, ultimately leading to a proprietary design where both surfaces of the lens were aspheric, providing substantial enhancement in image quality, clarity, and stereopsis.  This breakthrough innovation resulted in the patented, double aspheric designs that have become synonymous with Volk and have led to the establishment of Volk 20D, 78D, 90D, and Gonio lenses as leading standards in the ophthalmic industry.

Continued innovation led to the development of 2nd generation lenses, the Super Series, which provide enhanced imaging followed by the best-in-class 3rd generation Digital Series lenses, which provide the highest quality imaging available today.  Volk continued to push the boundaries with the development of the Volk 1 Single Use Lenses which are widely used across hospitals and in settings where infection control is top of mind.

Volk’s unmatched image quality can be appreciated across our comprehensive range of imaging products, including gonio lenses, anterior & retina laser lenses and a full range of surgical imaging lenses, as well as the Merlin non-contact vitrectomy system.

In addition to its comprehensive lens portfolio, Volk has a suite of mydriatic and non-mydriatic portable retinal cameras including the Pictor Plus, Pictor Prestige and most recently, the VistaView which was developed with the intention for every eyecare specialist to have a portable camera in their pocket.  These cameras enable point-of-care screening of patients in virtually any care setting from nursing homes to mobile buses to mass screening camps.

Volk’s patented designs combined with our proprietary manufacturing processes which blend timeless handmade craftsmanship with modern technology result in Volk being world-renowned for providing the highest quality products for unsurpassable imaging.

Volk’s purpose is to help eradicate preventable blindness by providing our doctors with the best tools & technology for visualization and imaging to screen, diagnose, and treat eye diseases.

Contact Information

7893 Enterprise Drive, Mentor, OH 44060, USA