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Volk Merlin Surgical System

Volk Merlin Surgical System by Volk Optical

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  • Supplier/s Volk Optical
  • Supplier Code MERLIN (IAPB)
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Product Description

Primary Application – Non‐contact retinal viewing system providing precision maneuvering and control capabilities for non-contact surgical lenses.

MERLIN – Operator’s Manual for the Condenser Lens Assembly

Product Features

  • The MERLIN CLA (Condenser Lens Assembly) Surgical System is compatible with all leading surgical microscopes, and provides an elegant maneuverability solution for your surgical lens.
  • It is designed to ensure your lens is positioned precisely where you require, with easy manipulation, obtaining the best views for your surgical procedures.
  • Our non contact lenses are available in a variety of technical specifications; from the widest noncontact field of view available to mid‐field magnification as well as a design for deep access in difficult anatomies.