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PDMS 5000 – Silicon Oil Vial 10cc

PDMS 5000 – Silicon Oil Vial 10cc by Micromed S.r.l

  • Price £Euro8
  • Supplier/s Micromed S.r.l
  • Supplier Code MMD-771 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Italy
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Product Description

Silicon Oil 5000 centistokes. Available in 10cc and 15cc in Vial.

Product Features

  • The PDMS 5000 (5000 cSt) has instead a braking index 70% higher and therefore they are indicated in those cases where manipulation of the retina is relevant, that is in cases of strong treatments in cantilever fashion on large encircling and for more than 40% of the retinal surface or in cases of retinotomy made in presence of encircling or wide retractions.
  • Vial filled with 10cc / 15 cc Silicone Oil 5000 cst.
  • Vial and its content sterilized at Dry Heat (3h @ 170°C)
  • Envelope content (Precharged Vial) sterilized at Ethylene Oxide