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PDMS 2000 – Silicon Oil Glass syringe 10cc

PDMS 2000 – Silicon Oil Glass syringe 10cc by Micromed S.r.l

  • Price £Euro15
  • Supplier/s Micromed S.r.l
  • Supplier Code MMD-696 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Italy
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Product Description

Silicon Oil 2000 centistokes 10cc in Glass Syringe.

Product Features

  • The PDMS2000 (2000 cSt) has a braking index 15% higher and is suitable for cases where the emulsion with the proteic liquids present in the eye after vitrectomy has a chance to happen wi-thout bumps on the retinal surface induced by surgery.
  • 10ml Glass Syringe filled with 10 cc Silicone Oil 2000 cSt
  • Syringe and its content sterilized at Dry Heat (3h @ 170°C)
  • Envelope content (Precharged Glass Syringe, luerlock adapter, 20G 7mm blunt cannula) sterilized at Ethylene Oxide