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OPMI LUMERA T + floorstand (1493-090)

OPMI LUMERA T + floorstand (1493-090) by Carl Zeiss

  • Price €PAO
  • Supplier/s Carl Zeiss
  • Supplier Code 1493-090 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Germany
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Product Description

CARL ZEISS OPMI LUMERA T on S7 Floorstand, including 180 deg tiltable tube, intergrated assistant scope with straight tube, Xenon illumination, XY – Coupling, Foot Control Panel

Product Features

  • Visualization of the Red ReflexThe Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) allows you to benefit from the detail recognition, high-contrast brilliance and stability of the red reflex – even with strongly pigmented, decentered and ametropic eyes.
  • Effortless positioningThe magnetic brakes make positioning the surgical microscope very simple. When the brakes are released, the system smoothly glides into a new position; when locked, the surgical microscope remains firmly in place.
  • Independent second viewThe OPMI Lumera® T surgical microscope can be equipped with a completely integrated assistant’s microscope. The second surgeon selects the focus and magnification independently of the main surgeon, thus enabling active assistance.
  • Natural color impressionThe integrated Superlux® Eye xenon illumination allows you to see the anatomic structure of the eye in its natural colors and highly accurate detail. The use of the HaMode™ filter allows to quickly switch to a light spectrum equivalent to halogen.