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megaTRON S4HPS Combined Microsurgical System

megaTRON S4HPS Combined Microsurgical System by Geuder

  • Price €POA
  • Supplier/s Geuder
  • Supplier Code G-60000 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Germany
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Product Description

GEUDER S4HPS modular Phaco and Vitrectomy System – Sophisticated technology for maximum performance. Achieve maximum safety, effiency, rentability and flexibility in clinical routine: the revolutionary hybrid pump system is only one of the numerous features which make the megaTRON S4 HPS one of the most powerful opthalmic surgery systems for the anterior and posterior segment. Its UNO Colorline MACH2 vitreous cutters enable cut rates of up to 12,000 cpm. The optional endolaser endoTRON®532 and xenon light source xenoTRON® III make the megaTRON S4HPS a fully equipped vitrectomy system. A large variety of accessories for the anterior and posterior segment are perfectly matched to the megaTRON S4HPS to serve all applications.

Product Features

  • Flexibility of modular system
  • High-Performance Hybrid Pump System
  • Easy Handling / Control
  • Cost effectiveness and investment security
  • by Geuder Germany - High quality