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IO-Scrub by Surgitech Innovation Private Limited

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Product Description


Microbicidal solution

Surgitech Innovation introducing IO-Scrub a Foam Based Micro Biologicidal Solution (PovidoneSolution IP 7.5% w/v) 10-Scrub is specially designed to make it convenient in use for doctors to disinfect their hands in very little time. Chemical components: 7.5% Povidone-lodine IP, 0.75% available lodine.

Scope: Surgical hand scrub.

Appropriate for pre-procedural patient preparation. Healthcare personnel hand wash.

Proven Efficacy: Broad-spectrum efficacy shown against skin pathogens, including gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria and yeasts.

• Meets CDC, AORN and APIC guidelines for skin antisepsis.
• Formulated with detergent for a rich golden lather. Gentle on skin.
• Non-irritating to skin, wounds and mucosa when use as directed.