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Disposable Bed sheets

Disposable Bed sheets by Surgitech Innovation Pvt Ltd

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Product Description

Bioflex Disposable bedsheets are made of top grade non-woven SMMMS material. Our bedsheet comes bundled with a non-woven SMMMS pillow cover. Our bed sheets are specially designed to not only provide comfort but assist in infection control. Seal packed in easy peel off medical grade bag, our bedsheet and pillow cover bundle are soft and comfortable and is ETO sterilized and marked with ETO indicator to ensure the sterility of the sheet.


• Non-woven SMMMS material.
• Water repellant.
• Anti-static.
• Stain resistant.
• Packed in easy peel off medical grade pouch. Bioflex Bed sheet is for single use only and should not be reused.