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NeoLight empowers people to see by providing hospitals and clinicians with revolutionary, cart-based and portable imaging systems that deliver stunning, high-resolution, high-contrast retinal images – on both light and dark retinas.

Our founder, Bert Massie, PhD, invented the first wide-angle, pediatric retinal imaging camera. After 20 years, without the constraints of the legacy design, he did it again. Using completely reinvented optics he created the Phoenix ICON™ camera from the ground up for today’s exacting clinicians.

The Phoenix ICON™ retinal imaging system brings wide-field retinal imaging to patients anywhere- from operating rooms, to clinics and remote screening sites, and everywhere in between.  With a single objective lens and interchangeable light modules, the Phoenix ICON™ cart-based system and the Phoenix ICON™ GO portable system deliver stunning images, enabling capture of high-resolution images that equip physicians with better tools for patient care.

  • Reinvented optics. Single objective lens. Interchangeable light modules. Stunning images
  • We made fluorescein angiography simple. Snap the blue light LED module into the hand piece and flip the integrated switch for the barrier filter. You’re ready to capture stunning fluorescein angiograms bedside.
  • A more comfortable patient experience with reduced injected light levels. What’s more, the Phoenix ICON™ blue light intensity is significantly lower than legacy systems.
  • Available in cart format for the operating room and high-volume imaging demands and an easily portable system for remote screening.
  • Complete imaging sessions on your schedule by imaging on battery for up to 6 hours
  • The ICON cart can be configured for seated and standing imaging with motor-driven height adjustments, and is so lightweight that it is moved easily from bed to bed using only fingertip pressure
  • The Phoenix ICON GO system is portable and uses identical software and imaging technology as the Phoenix ICON cart system, so you don’t have to compromise on image quality for portable applications.
  • The Phoenix ICON™ system is driven by powerful software with an intuitive user interface that:
  • Easily captures still images, video and Flashback video, with tools to review and export images with ease
  • Meets healthcare security requirements with a security-hardened version of Windows 10, encryption of data at rest, user roles, strong passwords and audit logging
  • Supports real-time pan/zoom and built-in reporting
  • Comes with robust DICOM integration, supporting hospital and clinic workflows that eliminate data entry on the camera and connect easily to PACS

We are excited to be an IAPB valued supplier with the opportunity to provide new and refurbished imaging systems to hospitals and clinics around the world in support of their mission to provide the very best vision care.

Contact Information

Phoenix Technology Group
6630 Owens Dr.
Pleasanton, CA 94588