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NeoLight empowers people to see by providing hospitals and clinicians with revolutionary, cart-based and portable imaging systems that deliver stunning, high-resolution, high-contrast retinal images – on both light and dark retinas.

Driven by a legacy of innovation and a pioneering spirit, we’ve created an advanced retinal imaging system for the modern age: the ICON™ Ophthalmic Imaging System. This next-generation device brings wide-field retinal imaging to any location – from busy operating rooms and clinics to remote screening sites, and everywhere in between.

The ICON System employs a proprietary optical design that incorporates Direct Illumination™ for superior retinal imaging quality, especially on darkly pigmented fundi. Direct Illumination technology is optimized for high-resolution and high-contrast imaging while minimizing scatter at the edge of the field of view.

The system’s single lens enables a comprehensive 100-degree wide field of view for retina surveying, providing illumination throughout the entire field of view with the same resolution as a legacy 30º high mag lens.

The ICON System simplifies the process of fluorescein angiography; just insert the blue light LED module into the hand piece, flip the integrated switch for the barrier filter, and you’re set to capture remarkable bedside fluorescein angiograms. The ICON System not only provides a more comfortable patient experience but also operates with significantly lower light intensity compared to traditional systems.

Our product lineup caters to diverse needs. The ICON Cart is designed for high-demand environments, with motor-driven height adjustments for seated or standing imaging. Meanwhile, the ICON™ GO offers portability without compromising image quality, ideal for remote screenings.

Both systems are backed by powerful software with an intuitive user interface that simplifies capturing, reviewing, and exporting still images, videos, and Flashback videos. Equipped with a security-hardened version of Windows 10, data encryption, strong passwords, and audit logging, the ICON System meets and surpasses healthcare security requirements. Additional features include real-time pan/zoom, built-in reporting, and robust DICOM integration, supporting seamless hospital and clinic workflows.

As a valued supplier of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), we’re excited to support global vision care efforts by offering new and refurbished imaging systems to hospitals and clinics around the world. We’re proud to be part of this mission to deliver the very best in vision care.

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