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2.5 New Vision Generation

Essilor's inclusive business arm 2.5 New Vision Generation aims to address the world's largest unaddressed disability - uncorrected reftactive error with their innovative Ready2Clip Glasses and their ClickCheck Refraction Tool.


ESSILOR’s inclusive business arm 2.5 New Vision Generation (2.5 NVG) was launched in 2013 to provide vision care to underserved populations where people do not have access to conventional distribution channels. 2.5 NVG’s work is fully aligned with the Group’s mission, “Improving Lives by Improving Sight”, and goes hand in hand with the company’s expansion into developing markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, helping to create the next generation of Essilor customers through affordable and accessible vision care. Through the development and implementation of inclusive business models, 2.5 NVG is creating a sustainable ecosystem that is not only generating employment and alleviating poverty, but is also building a taskforce of skilled primary vision care providers and micro-entrepreneurs in underserved areas. Since the launch of the division over 4,000 young men and women have been trained.
Today, the 2.5 NVG division distributes its products across 39 countries.


In emerging countries, one of the principal barriers preventing people with low incomes from correcting their vision, particularly in rural areas, is the difficulty being able to buy glasses on the spot. Thanks to the innovative Ready2Clip glasses developed by 2.5 NVG vision correction is possible even in the most isolated areas. The concept: a choice of several types of frames and ready-to-mount corrective lenses that enable a pair of glasses to be prepared and dispensed on the spot.

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