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Welch Allyn® Elite™ Retinoscope

Welch Allyn® Elite™ Retinoscope by Hillrom

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Hillrom
  • Supplier Code 18245 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin United States
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Product Description

Enhanced light output makes refractions easier than ever, by producing one of the sharpest, brightest and cleanest streaks available on the market.

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Product Features

  • 2.8X the brightness and superior streak quality versus standard retinoscopes
  • Superior streak quality enables easier and quicker refractions
  • Optional crossed-linear polarizing filter removes 99% of glare from trial lenses
  • External focusing sleeve offers continuous rotation
  • Sealed optics keep dust out and optics clean for a more effective exam