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Welch Allyn® 3.5 V LED Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

Welch Allyn® 3.5 V LED Coaxial Ophthalmoscope by Hillrom

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Hillrom
  • Supplier Code 11720-L (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin United States
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Product Description

The patented Welch Allyn® Coaxial Vision System facilitates ophthalmoscopy by enabling easier entry into the eye, a larger field of view, and reduced glare compared to standard ophthalmoscopes.

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Product Features

  • Polarizing filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection
  • 18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility
  • Coaxial optics produces shadow-free spot viewing
  • SureColor LED lamp ugrade carries a 7 year warranty
  • Detect corneal abrasions with the cobalt blue filter