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USee Mini Vision Kit

USee Mini Vision Kit by Global Vision 2020

  • Price US$420
  • Supplier/s Global Vision 2020
  • Supplier Code USee Mini Vision Kit (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin USA
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Product Description

The USee Vision Kit combines a simple, low cost, self refraction tool (the USee™), snap-in lenses and frames color-coded to match the best visual acuity achieved while “dialing” the refraction tool, and other components such as vision charts and ready made reading glasses to provide a complete solution for distributing eyeglasses to those with uncorrected refractive error (spherical) in low resource areas. With a modest amount of training of field personnel via our online or printed materials, the USee Vision Kit makes it possible to rapidly equip virtually any network, including NGO’s, faith-based organizations, community healthcare workers, teachers, and mission-aligned private distributors to inexpensively and efficiently provide eyeglasses within their community and to quickly see positive results. Our Vision Kit is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam but it deals directly with refractive error/spherical power correction – the source of the majority of vision problems. This focus on correcting refractive error via eyeglasses also enables program partners to “triage” more complex eye health issues or provide referral for them.

Product Features

  • Provides a full screening kit, and a full sample of distance frames with an assortment of lenses and readers in all powers found in the full kit. This kit enables an organization to evalute the full system before making the commitment of a full kit.
  • Multiple clinical trials (Johns Hopkins, NECO, et al) have shown equivalency to the “gold standard” for refraction but at far lower cost and with significantly less training.
  • Contains 1 Usee Screening tool, distance eye chart, near chart, lens case, tape measure, 3 Snap-together frames, 104 lenses, 3 readers, and 6 micro-fiber bags .
  • Training and implementation resources readily available for interested program partners.
  • Evaluation kit to ensure that the system meets the needs of the potential distributor of eyeglasses.