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Speedway two step (Zeiss Type) Slit Lamp

Speedway two step (Zeiss Type) Slit Lamp by Speedway Surgical Co

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Speedway Surgical Co
  • Supplier Code SDIE02-2S ( IAPB )
  • Country of Origin INDIA
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Product Description

Speedway two step (Zeiss Type) Slit Lamp on metal plate Model SDIE02-2S, Specifications – Binocular Microscope, Eye Pieces:10x, 15x, Objective:1x, 1.6x, Total Magnification:10x, 16x and 24x, Illumination Unit – Slit Image Rotation:0 to 180°, Filter Disc:Cobalt Filter, Green Filter, Yellow Filter Natural Density and Open Aperture, Slit Disphragm Disc:Wedge Shaped Diaphragm Of Infinitely Variable Slit Lengths, Halogen Lamp:6 Volt 20 Watts, Standard Accessories- Replacing Lamp Plastic Breath Shield, Testing RodDust Cover and Fuse, 15 Eye Pieces