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Anterior vitrectomy

Anterior vitrectomy by Speedway Surgical Co

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Product Description

Anterior vitrectomy, Specifications- compact lightweight as good as portable, seven segment (2&3) digit display for easy visibility, Cutting speed 60 – 1200 cuts per minute (1-20 cuts per second), Increment of 1 cuts / second, vacuum 1mm / Hg to 650 mm / Hg Venturi, aspiration by panel set parameter, foods which separate suction and cutting with suction facility, input power supply smps universal power supply 90-270VAC 50 Hz, Dimensions – L225 x H70 x D200 mm, Weight – 2 Kg, accessories- reusable autoclavable cutter, reusable collection cassette, study and ergonomic design footswitch for easy use and longer life. AV-001