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Speedway Keratometer

Speedway Keratometer by Speedway Surgical Co

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Speedway Surgical Co
  • Supplier Code SD-125-11 ( IAPB )
  • Country of Origin INDIA
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Product Description

Speedway Keratometer Model SD-125-11, Specifications:- Coincidence Focusing System, 15 x Eyepieces Circular LED Light System, One Position Instrument. Measure Both Meridians Without Changing Optical System Simple Vertical Adjustable Head To Fit Patient, Astigmatic Axis 0 to 180 Degree, Dual Eye Level Sighting System
Dioptre 36 – 52 (in 0.25 steps), Paint Finish : Black, The Achromatic Optical Systems to Precise Measurement Of The Corneal Radius Curvature And Accurate Measurement Of Radius Curvature Of Contact Lens, Standard Accessories- Dust Cover,