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QuickSee Flip

QuickSee Flip by Plenoptika

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s Plenoptika
  • Supplier Code PR-002 (IAPB)
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Product Description

QuickSee Flip is the world’s most accurate monocular handheld autorefractor. QuickSee Flip’s combination of the open view design, wavefront aberrometry, and dynamic measurements produce clinically accurate autorefraction measurements, in a durable handheld format suitable for use in clinics and in the field.

Product Features

  • Strong agreement with subjective refraction, measurements within 0.5D in more than 85% of patients and 0.25D in 75% of patients.
  • Produces monocular measurements in 10 seconds.
  • Rugged design, works in any lighting condition, calibration free.
  • Designed for accessibility; can measure children and elderly patients, as well as supine or wheelchair-bound patients.
  • Invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and designed to work in any setting to reduce the global burden of poor vision.

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