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Phoenix ICON™ GO with Handpiece

Phoenix ICON™ GO with Handpiece by NeoLight

  • Price US$POA
  • Supplier/s NeoLight
  • Supplier Code ICON GO (IAPB)
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Product Description

The Phoenix ICON™, developed by Phoenix Technology Group, is the next generation in general ophthalmic imaging for retinal, corneal, and external structures of the eye. As evidenced by the following images, the ICON uses direct illumination™ and a patented optical design to produce high-resolution and high-contrast retinal images – especially on darkly pigmented fundi.

Product Features

  • Complete Phoenix ICON system packs neatly into durable, easy to roll case to move device between sites and patients
  • Easily cleaned with built-in infection control
  • Battery operated with two batteries to extend imaging time
  • Driven by powerful software that meets healthcare security requirements with an intuitive user interface with robust DICOM integration
  • Two year hardware warranty and free software upgrades