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Visulas YAG III Combi Laser

Visulas YAG III Combi Laser by Carl Zeiss

  • Price €POA
  • Supplier/s Carl Zeiss
  • Supplier Code 1578-422 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Germany
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Product Description

CARL ZEISS Visulas YAG III Combi Laser, with instrument table – a combination of the Zeiss Yag & 532S

Product Features

  • Space saving and flexibleBoth lasers also perform effectively as individual units. The VISULAS 532s can be used in the operating room while the VISULAS YAG III can continue to be used with the combi slit lamp
  • Only as much energy as necessaryThe VISULAS YAG III Combi focuses the optimum amount of YAG laser energy directly to the target thanks to its Super-Gaussian beam profile. It therefore requires less energy to achieve the optical breakdown, as little as 2.5 mJ in air. The result: high-precision treatment to the patient using a minimum of laser energy.
  • Variable focus shiftThe focal point of the aiming beam is set precisely and reproducibly before, behind or directly at the focal point of the disruption laser.
  • Gentle laser treatmentThe ParFocus™ zoom system of the VISULAS 532s delivers a homogeneous, sharply defined and reproducible laser spot on the retina and minimizes heat-related side-effects on the patient's cornea.
  • Navigating with fingertip precisionThe coagulation laser is always visible in the center of the slit lamp illuminated field thanks to the coaxial illumination and electronic micromanipulator integrated into the joystick of the combi slit lamp.