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System Chart SC-1600 Pola / 1600

System Chart SC-1600 Pola / 1600 by NIDEK

  • Price JP¥POA
  • Supplier/s NIDEK
  • Supplier Code SC-1600Pola/1600 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Japan
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Product Description

The SC-1600Pola/1600 apply the 17-inch LCD screen and our unique image processing technology allowing VA 0.04 to 2.0 images to be displayed. The design of appearance is changed to inhibit fusion stimuli* by having much spaces around the display for precise measurement.
*The fusion stimuli by other images in view influence the result of Visual Acuity measurement.


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Product Features

  • Selectable working distance
  • Contrast test
  • Polarized charts for binocular test
  • Center display function
  • Operation with remote control