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Smartscope Pro Set

Smartscope Pro Set by Optomed

  • Price €POA
  • Supplier/s Optomed
  • Supplier Code 100-003 & 204-001 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Finland
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Product Description

OPTOMED Smartscope M5 hand-held and battery operated non-mydriatic Fundus Camera with EY4 Retina module, ES2 anterior module and Workstation PC Software, Docking Cradle, Aluminium Case Smartscope Product Code 60100063, Workstation 40100001.

Product Features

  • Retinal module resolution according to ISO10940 Fundus camera standard.
  • Field of view 40 degrees
  • Non-mydriatic retinal camera ; minimum pupil size 3,5mm
  • Retinal module includes 9 internal fixation targets.
  • WiFi-transfer of images from camera to PC