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PASCAL® Synthesis™ 532

PASCAL® Synthesis™ 532

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Product Description

Pattern Scanning Laser treats retinal conditions using a single-spot or a user selected pattern array.
Offering Endpoint Management™ to treat retinal macular diseases and Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty PSLT™ for Glaucoma.
Available in green 532nm or yellow 577nm wavelengths.

Product Features

  • Fast Pattern LaserThe Pascal has the capability of firing a laser at the fastest rate on the market. This short pulse duration increases patient comfort and compliance.Customizable PatternsThe Pascal has the largest selection of customizable patterns. These patterns are optimized to treat different conditions and diseases of the retina.
  • Patented Computer Guided Subthreshold Laser TreatmentThe EPM software allows for the Physician to easily modulate laser power into the therapeutic window of the patient’s retina, treating the patient’s macula without visible burns.
  • Patented 4 Fiber Optic Laser Delivery SystemGives the physician increased depth of focus during laser treatments. This gives the doctor the flexibility to fire larger patterns while maintaining even laser burns.
  • Integrated Laser Design Integrated laser design eliminates the need to center the laser and this design has no exposed fiber optic cables. The PASCAL dual column table also gives the ability for patients in a wheelchair to easily get to the slit lamp or for the operator to treat a patient in an exam chair.

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