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PANO Perimeter

PANO Perimeter

  • Price €1,398.00
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  • Country of Origin Germany
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Product Description

Visual field testing for the detection and therapy follow up of glaucoma. A product developed on a non-profit basis of international research cooperation with the Presbyterian Eye Services – ACHA EYE HOSPITALS, Cameroon under the leadership of the University Medical Centre Mainz  –  a worldwide renowned reference centre for glaucoma – and with the support of the German Aid Organisation for the Blind (DBHW) and the International Section of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG).

PRICE (EUR) – Ex-Works. (may be subject to slight modification because of changing price of laptop)

Full Product Description

PANO – The Affordable Solution for Vision Field Analysis – VIDEO

Product Features

  • The most cost friendly visual field on the market without any compromise on quality.
  • Highly sensitive for early glaucoma and glaucoma progression. High correlation with gold-standard visual field confirmed in scientific peer-reviewed publication.
  • Developed, tested and established at the leading center for glaucoma in Germany together with an African partner hospital.
  • Robust and easily repairable in the event of damage
  • This is a non profit product and is offered at production cost. The software is provided for free.

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