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Intrasurgical OCT EnFocus

Intrasurgical OCT EnFocus

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Product Description

See subsurface details to make insightful surgical decisions for your patient, with real-time, intrasurgical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).A top-down microscope view, combined with your experience, helps you assess intraoperative changes to subsurface tissues. But what if you could supplement this with a real-time, cross-sectional view? EnFocus intrasurgical OCT provides real-time imaging of ocular tissue microstructures with the high resolution and deepest scan depth of any available intrasurgical OCT. This additional information can aid your intrasurgical decision-making in cornea, glaucoma, and retina procedures. Combine EnFocus with a Proveo 8 or M844 microscope for comprehensive visualization. Choose Proveo 8 for the optimal OR workflow solution.

Product Features

  • Simply capture and analyze
  • Display and record in HD
  • Bridge the gap between pre-operative assessment and real-time evaluation of changes to tissue microstructures during surgery with EnFocus OCT.
  • Use OCT to assess the level of tension in a membrane peel in real time, in order to avoid potential tears and protect the integrity of underlying tissue.
  • A high-resolution view of <=4 µm also aids examination of retinal morphology for residual membranes and complications such as macular holes, or sub-retinal edema.

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