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Intelligent Refractor RT-6100

Intelligent Refractor RT-6100 by NIDEK

  • Price JP¥POA
  • Supplier/s NIDEK
  • Supplier Code RT-6100 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Japan
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Product Description

The RT-6100, a breakthrough refractor from NIDEK, will inspire you in unequalled refraction workflow. It is designed to help operators demonstrate creativity without compromising patient comfort. The combination of a streamlined refractor head and user-friendly control console allows exceptionally precise and efficient examinations. Enhanced data communication functions strengthen the seamless network in diverse environments.


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Product Features

  • Breakthrough refractor for precise and efficient examinations
  • Streamlined refractor head
  • Selectable user interface
  • Binocular open refraction
  • Program edit function