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iCare COMPASS by Icare Finland Oy

  • Price €POA
  • Supplier/s Icare Finland Oy
  • Supplier Code AMGSDME001 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Italy
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Product Description

COMPASS Perimeter consisting of: – COMPASS device- COMPASS dedicated tablet- External Power Supply – Power Cord- COMPASS support for tablet- COMPASS operating manual- COMPASS removable forehead rest- COMPASS front lens cap- COMPASS dust cover- prismatic goggles for stereoscopic view- Packing straps- COMPASS Push button- Mounting kit: screws, washers,

Product Features

  • Active Retinal tracking: iCare COMPASS combines visual field tests, fixation loss correction by a real-time retinal tracker and confocal TrueColor fundus imaging taking visual field analysis to the next level.
  • Combination of anatomy and function: Fundus-controlled Perimetry is a technique that images the retina during visual field testing, enabling a reliable correlation to be made between visual function and retinal structure.
  • Full perimetry capability: As a perimeter, iCare COMPASS offers full compatibility with standard 24-2, 30-2 and 10-2 visual field testing containing age-matched databases of retinal sensitivity in normal subjects.
  • Automatic refraction correction: With iCare COMPASS Automatic Refraction Correction, the Auto-focus, there is no need for trial lenses. This not only reduces examination time but avoids lens rim artefacts, and improves patient flow and comfort. The test can be suspended at any time without data loss.
  • Easy to use: The design of iCare COMPASS offers an additional benefit of being easy to clean between for instance sniffling and coughing patients due to the smooth, narrow and convex front of the device: no bowl and trial lens assembly. All iCare COMPASS surfaces can be disinfected with an alcohol wipe.