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GoCheck Digital Vision Screening Platform

GoCheck Digital Vision Screening Platform

  • Price US$169.00month
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Product Description

The GoCheck Vision Screening Solution is the only screening device that includes visual acuity and photoscreening in one product. It enables clinically validated and cost-effective vision screening for children (age 1-18) as well as adults.

The GoCheck photoscreening app has already screened more than 2 million children and has become the tool of choice for over 6,500 care team members. It takes less than 1 minute to detect any amblyopia risk factors and due to its affordability and portability it is ideally suited for community screening programs by governments, non-profits and schools.

The GoCheck Visual Acuity app can be used both in-clinic as well as from home (Telemed) leveraging best-in-class testing methodology (ETDRS and ATS protocols). It also enables safer visual testing during the current pandemic


GoCheck Kids iPhone Turned Photo Screener 2020 – VIDEO

Price USD $ 169.00 / month – alternative business models (e.g. charge per screen etc.) available

Product Features

  • Smart-phone enabled and as such portable and easy to use by anyone (community nurse, social worker, teacher etc.). Very low maintenance, software and updates and upgrades are possible remotely
  • Affordable Pricing - no capital investment required. Different business models based on customer need (monthly subscription or charge per child / screen)
  • Clinically Validated by 8-peer reviewed studies and technology developed by Dr. David Huang, one of world's most renowned ophthalmologist and co-inventor of the OCT
  • Experience - mult-year experience in implementing large-scale screening programs (e.g. for the Belgium government, screening up-to 100'000 children per annum)
  • High data security (HIPAA & GDPR) and fully regulatory compliant (CE, FDA and ISO 13485)

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