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Frey SL-100 digital LED Slit Lamp

Frey SL-100 digital LED Slit Lamp

  • Price US$14,300.00
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  • Supplier Code SL-100 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Poland
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Product Description

FREY SL-100 digital slit lamp provides par excellence clinician experience by embracing the latest in diagnostics combined with superb engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Images and videos are now conveniently accessed without the need to acquire and install additional peripherals EYEMAGER – dedicated software application, can send, clinical results directly to any networked device – smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer, safely and securely, anytime, anywhere FREY devices are designed to enable clinician workflow to be more effective and efficient across multiple workplaces.

FREY digital slit lamps deliver an optimized experience that is outstanding.

Product Features

  • Optimize clinical space. Improve workflow. FREY slit lamps are elegantly designed for digital imaging and visualization and provide an amazing user experience in comfort. Intelligent design control functions and components are fully integrated, with cabling subtlety concealed inside the slit lamp body. Capture high resolution images and videos without external PC and monitor. FREY precision LED digital slit lamps exhibit a small footprint which optimizes clinical space, and users can improve workflow more effectively and efficiently. A world class fully optioned digital slit lamp with cutting edge design and innovation designed for the modern thinking eye care professional! Stunning optical quality. Visualize and diagnose more. Corneal endothelium consists of a single layer of tiny hexagonal cells. Slit lamps are diagnostic instrument widely used by ophthalmologists and optometrists to observe anterior and posterior segments. Specular reflection illumination technic is used to observe cornea posterior surface (endothelium). Stunning optical quality of FREY digital slit lamps feature advanced high-sensitivity and high-resolution camera sensors to deliver superb image quality, capturing the finest of detail and visualization of individual endothelium cells.
  • A leading cause of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) affects the essential oil layer of the eye’s tear film, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. For optimal treatment MGD must be clinically observed and diagnosed with certainty and clarity, allowing eye care professionals to prescribe the most appropriate treatment. A diagnostic method of MGD is examination with a digital slit lamp equipped with infrared light (IR light source). Infrared light is not visible to human eyes. To observe the image, IR sensitive camera and a display is clinically essential. FREY digital slit lamps are equipped with optional IR illumination source to visualize MGD with superb clarity, without causing patient discomfort. FREY hi-res IR sensitive camera quickly acquires grey scale images of meibomian gland structures for early diagnose of MGD. Proprietary software. EYEMAGER.​ Eyemager™ from FREY is proprietary software application designed exclusively for FREY digital slit lamps. Eyemager™ improves workflow and potentially reduces costs for eye care professionals’ clinics. A unique Eyemager™ feature enables clinicians to display and share patient images as well as live video during a clinical examination. Anytime, anywhere. Eye care professionals can use the Eyemager™ application on numerous devices: Apple iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Apple macOS computers, PC running Microsoft Windows. Eyemager™ features include: Manage patient records (Add/Edit/Delete). Review examination results. Build examination reports (.pdf and DICOM formats) for printing and EMR integration. Export data to external applications and social media platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and others).
  • • AMOLED 5’ touch screen • Video streaming to multiple devices • CMOS Image Sensors with a 3.45 μm Pixel • 128 GB internal high endurance flash storage • HDR & Global Shutter Function for high-picture-quality imaging • Photo & video capture • Photos: 2048x1536 • HD video: 960x720 • Bluetooth 4.2/ Wi-Fi AC • Color Depth: up to 12 BPP • Automatic L/R eye detection
  • • Minimum slit opening: 0.2 mm • Slit length: 1.8 – 14 mm continuously variable • Slit projection scale: 1.2x • Slit stops: 0.3 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 9 / 14 mm • Filters: Blue, clear, diffuser, natural density, red free, yellow • Slit rotation: +/- 180° with reference scale • Slit angle: +/- 90° continuous • Vertical slit tilting angles: 00, 50, 100, 150, 200 • Fixation lamp: Green LED • Chin-rest height adjustment: 70 mm • Base travel: 100 mm X-axis, 100 mm Y-axis, 30 mm Z-axis
  • • Working distance - eye of patient/ prism surface: 75 mm • Fixation lamp green lamp • Chin-rest height adjustment: 59 mm • Base travel: 103 mm X–axis, 100 mm Y–axis, 35 mm Z–axis • Stereoscopic Microscope type Convergent binocular optical microscope @ 8° • Magnification power selection system: Five position rotating drum • Eyepiece: 12.5 x • Magnifying powers: 6x,10x, 16x, 25x, 40x • Field of view [mm]: 36, 22, 14, 9, 5.6 • Distance between pupils: 48.5 – 80 mm • Objective lens working distance: 111 mm • Objective lens working angle: 12° • Eyepiece diopter adjustment from -5D to +5D

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