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Frey Non-Contact Tonometer TN-100

Frey Non-Contact Tonometer TN-100

  • Price US$6,900.00
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  • Supplier Code TN-100 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Poland
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Product Description

Frey Non-contact Tonometer TN-100 is a modern diagnostic device, featuring fast, accurate examinations ensuring optimal levels of patient comfort undergoing noninvasive measurement of intraocular pressure. TN-100 measurement is fully automated, saving time for user and patient. Auto alignment and auto shot: TN-100 is easy and intuitive to use, including inexperienced users. Alignment and measurement are automated, with simple hand adjustment of the joystick towards the patient’s eye to commence automatic examination.

Product Features

  • Cornea thickness corrected IOP: Users can easily adjust the measured IOP data by the value of the central corneal thickness. TN-100 has pre programmed formulas for IOP correction.
  • If central corneal thickness is entered before examination, the device will display corrected IOP values. Embedded atient data storage capability and measurement values for 4000 patient data base included.
  • Patient examination record and database is available immediately upon completion of examination. Individual patient examination or entire patient history can printed with simple one touch. Touch screen User interface optimized for each function, displaying all measurement data guiding the measurement process from the alignment of the eye, to the display of the readings.
  • • External Power Supply • Operation Manual • Power cord • Built-in printer paper - 2 pcs. • Dust cover

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