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Frey Automated Perimeter AP-300

Frey Automated Perimeter AP-300

  • Price US$11,300.00IAPB
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  • Supplier Code AP-300 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Poland
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Product Description

Highly advanced static and kinetic perimeter strictly complies with the Goldman Standard. Features blue and yellow and flicker perimetry capability, enhanced variable colour stimulus and size testing as well as a state of the art Digital Tracking System. Uses LED technology to guarantee minimal maintenance requirements over long period of time. AP-300 platform of advanced diagnostics uses Kinetic and Static Perimetry, including white/white perimetry, blue/yellow SWAP and Flicker for early glaucoma detection plus real Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry.

Product Features

  • AP-300 is supplied standard with an extensive range of strategies, fields and test parameters. Built-in camera is complemented by automated eye tacking provides reliable automated fixation control. Rich set of data exporting functions includes DICOM and .csv export, easy integration with external EMR systems.
  • Standard built-in data capture and analysis include regression analysis of the visual field on the basis of historical examinations and standardized fields for presentation and printing of examination results. Multiple test capabilities: Frey Perimeters have a wide range of tests available to suit every need - Glaucoma, Full Field, Peripheral, Macula, Wide Field, Flicker, Binocular Single Vision, Driving Test and others.
  • Easy to navigate, intuitive software allows easy operation and is designed to be operated using the supplied high quality touch screen monitor. AP-300 design includes built-in high quality PC computer. Low down time meaning service maintenance in the field in minimized.
  • • Patient response button • Power cord • USB cable • Eye cover x2 • Spare fuses x2 • Operation Manual • Dust cover • Paper set for chin and forehead rest • 15" Inch Touch Screen Monitor • Internal Computer

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