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Frey 24″ Chart CP-400

Frey 24″ Chart CP-400

  • Price US$2,500.00
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  • Supplier Code CP-400 (IAPB)
  • Country of Origin Poland
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Product Description

Frey CP-400 is the world’s most versatile non-polarised visual acuity system. Presented in a sleek and attractive 24 inch LCD panel with a proprietary built-in computer the device improves the dynamics and enhances the look of any modern clinical practice. CP-400 performs most comprehensive suite of internationally recognised visual acuity tests with full reporting functions that can be easily customised to suit every clinician or individual practice needs. (Other non-polarised and polarised visual acuity systems are available, please contact Frey for more information.)

Product Features

  • Superior Contrast Testing: Threshold Optotype Testing complements and extends the assessment in visual acuity function.
  • Low Vision AMD Optotypes: Standardized vision tests for patients with Age­ related Macular Degeneration (AMD) with Optotypes size and contrast alteration at a calibrated distance.
  • Smooth and silent operation. Can be operated in an illuminated environment. Built-in proprietary computer.Test reporting.Precise adjustment of working distance and Optotype setting.
  • • LCD CHART PANEL CP-400 • Red-green glasses • Power cord • Remote control • Battery AAA 2 pcs. • Wall mount accessories • Operation manual

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