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Air Freight


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Product Description

Air freight is one of the most efficient modes of transport of cargo and is the fastest way to internationally transport goods.

Efficiency: Transporting goods via air freight saves time and is much quicker compared to ground transport, particularly when using a direct service.

Reliability: Cargo flights are generally reliable when it comes to arrivals and departures, so shipments are likely to arrive on time with few delays.

Security: Air cargo shipments are managed by security teams, so the chance of damage to products or stolen shipments is low. Flights are also tracked, allowing shipments to be more easily traceable.

Good value: Air freight charges are based on weight rather than volume, which can result in very cost-effective deliveries if you have smaller items to ship.

Product Features

  • Door to Door / Airport to Airport / Door to Airport
  • Project Cargo, Movement and Handling
  • Complete Logistics Programms (warehousing, documentation, handling
  • Hazardous cargo transportations
  • Fast and Effective customs clearance
  • Refrigerated Services for perishable products
  • Air Freight Export & Import

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