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3nethra aberro – Hand-held Autorefractometer

3nethra aberro – Hand-held Autorefractometer by Forus Health Pvt Ltd

  • Price US$4,500
  • Supplier/s Forus Health Pvt Ltd
  • Supplier Code 3nethra aberro / IAPB
  • Country of Origin India
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Product Description

The 3nethra aberro is a handheld auto refractometer equipped with the Shack-Hartmann Wave Front Sensor Aberrometry technology to detect visual acuity and refractive errors. It can be used by an eye care professional to measure a person’s refractive error and help prescribe glasses or contact lens. Due to its portable hand-held feature it is an ideal tool for community and home eye screening programs. The device can also be mounted on a chin-rest stand to achieve more stability. Optometrists can also install the device in kiosks with an operator, and remotely review the data using a digital health platform.

Product Features

  • US-FDA cleared [CE marking in process]
  • High accuracy; Short examination time, Compact and portable
  • Compatible with telemedicine platforms for mobile screening programs
  • Hand-held and easily transportable