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PlenOptika participates in spaceflight vision testing

PlenOptika participates in spaceflight vision testing

PlenOptika is participating in vision research in the next spaceflight mission to the International Space Station.

Their handheld autorefractor QuickSee will be used to to measure refractive error of a private visitor to the (ISS) prior to departure next week and upon return 12 days later.

The program is part of the Translational Research Institute for Space Health’s (TRISH) research complement. TRISH is a virtual institute empowered by NASA’s Human Research Program to find and fund innovative solutions the challenges of human deep space exploration. Meeting TRISH’s rigorous requirements for accuracy and usability in demanding conditions, QuickSee is the only autorefractor selected for the mission.

PlenOptika is thrilled to be part of the long tradition of space medicine driving terrestrial technology innovation that benefits billions of people—and confident that the world’s most accurate handheld autorefractor is fit for the mission!

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