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New Publication: Primary Eye Care Manual 2021 – World Sight Foundation

Primary eye care is provided by different levels of health care professionals depending on the country. This manual provides the basics in ophthalmology for eye and general health professionals in low resource countries. Some countries like China and Brazil mainly use ophthalmologists for this purpose while other countries such as India and those in Africa are highly dependent on the use of non-medical personnel at the primary level. For this reason, we have had the contents reviewed by health workers in a wide variety of settings in a variety of countries on various continents.

The manual targets clinical officers, general physicians, ophthalmic clinical officers, ophthalmic nurses, optometrists, and ophthalmologists. Sometimes the various cadres coexist. The manual helps the reader learn the parameters of performing a   quality basic eye exam, identify and manage simple eye conditions, and have sufficient knowledge to recognise and refer serious conditions needing specialized care.

Price £5 British Pounds

Apply to Mr. Anthony Chignell, World Sight Foundation, London –  [email protected]

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